Window to Europe 2019

Innovative formats for children’s media – Best practice examples from Europe
05 June 2019 | Venue: CineStar, Erfurt – Screen 8

The aim of this international event is to create a window to Europe and to showcase projects from other countries. This year’s focus is thereby on co-creation with the young audience during the entire creational process of media products. The speakers will talk about the possibilities of festivals and other institutions to facilitate the contact between young experts and content creators. In cooperation with KIDS Regio European film makers and experts also from outside the media industry introduce their projects and are open to take the audience’s questions.

Programme/ Speakers:

Cinekid Festival (The Netherlands)

Located in Amsterdam, Cinekid is the world’s largest media festival for children. Every year more than 60.000 children are given the opportunity to visit over 500 media productions selected by the festival. During the parallel organized industry event Cinekid for Professionals you can explore international co-productions, give your programme international exposure and discuss major issues in children’s media. Cinekid offers various events to expand your professional network and meet like-minded professionals. Further to it Cinekid for Professionals organizes several talent development programs like the Cinekid Script LAB and the Kids&Docs workshop.

Test & Pitch with Kids:
Since 2014 Cinekid organises Test & Pitch with Kids to give industry professionals the possibility to pitch their children’s film and television projects in development to their audience. The directors pitch their project and ask children for their opinion. This is a unique opportunity for the creators to see how their target audience reacts to their project and to find out what works and what does not. The children may very well have a big influence on the final outcome of the project!

Presented by:
Nienke Poelsma
Head Cinekid for Professionals

Binti (Begium)

In this colorful family film set in and around Brussels, twelve-year-old Binti dreams of becoming a famous vlogger like her idol Tatyana. But when the police raids her home and tries to deport her and her dad to Congo they are forced to flee. Binti meets Elias, a lonely boy who wants to save the okapi from extinction and the two become friends. While Binti helps Elias to vlog about his Save the Okapi Club she hatches the perfect plan: her dad has to marry Elias’s mom so they can stay in Belgium.

Quote Frederike Migom:
“It has from the start been my goal to treat a ‘serious’ subject in a lively, lovable and hopeful manner, and make it tangible for children (and adults alike). It has thus been a wonderful experience to have participated in the Test & Pitch with Kids, mostly to figure out the kid’s relationship to the characters and the subject matter, for them to be able to relate as much as possible.”

Presented by:
Frederike Migom

Young Wrestlers (The Netherlands/Turkey)

Living, learning, suffering for their passion: the 26 boys living at the sports academy in the Turkish province of Amasya endure a lot to realise their wrestling dream. In Genç Pehlivanlar/Young Wrestlers the observational camera remains unobtrusive while still allowing us to experience the joy and agony of growing up and everyday life at close range – somewhere between camaraderie and competition.

Quote Mete Gümürhan:
“From the get-go the feature-length documentary Genç Pehlivanlar/Young Wrestlers was intended for young adults. Besides pitching in development stage to industry professionals at Junior Co-Production Markets, it was a great opportunity and unique experience to present the project in a Test & Pitch with Kids session to a group of divers children. Since they don’t have any preconceived notion and prejudice political reasons their opinion was focused, engaging and the most valuable on the final outcome of the film.”

Presented by:
Mete Gümürhan

CoC. Playful Minds at the Capital of Children (Denmark)

Quote Thomas Aakjær Jensen:
“We believe in a playful approach to life. We believe that the desire to explore is fuel for creativity. We believe that having fun is healthier than being angry. And we believe that adults can learn just as much or more from children than children can learn from adults. Especially when it comes to new thinking.”

CoC. Playful Minds believes so much in the playful approach to life that an entire development organization was built around it. CoC stands for Capital of Children which represents the vision to make Billund the Capital of Children – not just in Denmark but the entire world.
CoC works with three programs: Playful Skills, Playful Spaces and Playful Innovation. The key word in all three programs is co-creation. To create products for children together with children. To create new learning procedures together with children. To create a city for children together with children. Be insured co-creation demands more from the adults than it does from the children. It necessitates the courage to believe that children are important, worthy and creative world citizens. If the future isn’t formed by those who will live in it then who else?

Presented by:
Thomas Aakjær Jensen
Head of Playful Innovation