Piedmont Day 2015

During the TorinoFilmLab presents Children’s Film in Italy – Perspectives on an unexplored art & market

A panel discussion of Piedmont Day 2015 organized by TorinoFilm Lab in cooperation with KIDS Regio, Film Commission Torino Piedmont Film, The Financing Forum for Kids Content & Creative Europe Desk Media Torino.

24. November 2015 | Torino

In 2014 the European Audiovisual Observatory’s analysis of the theatrical circulation of children’s films has clearly revealed that they travel better than non-children’s films. Moreover, in general they sell on average 5 times as many tickets as non-children’s films and children are in fact an audience to take very seriously. Unfortunately the European film industry still needs to be convinced.

KIDS Regio and The Financing Forum for Kids Content invited filmmakers and producers from Italy, Sweden and Germany to talk about their recent film productions as well as their experiences and future plans. Furthermore they demonstrated insights and convergent moves that have transformed the children’s media landscape in Nordic countries like Sweden and Germany and encourage collaboration, sustainable market platforms and strategies for engaging and successful film production.

The Piedmont Day was aimed at producers and distributors from the Piedmont region as well as decision makers from Italy, with an interest for innovative, high quality film or co-productions made in Italy.

Key questions that will be discussed are:
What are the challenges in producing for a young audience?
What is so special in developing media content for children?
What are the specific opportunities regarding the development of engaging content for children right now and in the near future?


Viola Gabrielli  (Germany), Project Manager KIDS Regio
Amila Cirkinagic  (Sweden), Producer of The Financing Forum for Kids Content
Peter Hiltunen (Sweden), Founder, CEO & Producer of ISDRAKEN (Dragon Film AB)
Marcel Lenz  (Germany), Co-Founder, CEO & Producer of SPUTNIK (ostlicht filmproduktion)
Sergio Basso  (Italy), Director of AMORI ELEMENTARI
Elisbetta Bruscolini  (Italy), CEO & Producer of AMORI ELEMENTARI (CSC)
Carlotta Calori  (Italy), Producer of IL RAGAZZO INVISIBLE (Indigo Film)

Presented by Stefano Tealdi  (Italy), CEO, Founder and producer of Stefilm

Further discussion partner
Alessandro Giacobbe (Italy), CEO & Distributor of AMORI ELEMENTARI (AcademyTwo)