4th European KIDS Regio Forum

KIDS Regio Forum 2024 – Building Bridges

Since the first KIDS Regio Forum in 2009, a period of five years has been established to work with the results and prepare the next conference. Throughout this process, the focus is continually updated. For example, the general kick-off in 2009 was followed by a focus on research related to production and distribution conditions in 2014. At the third forum in 2019, KIDS Regio produced a status quo report on the European children’s film industry with 80 participants from 24 countries and renewed the 5-point agenda from 2009 in the Weimar Declaration.

The fourth KIDS Regio Forum 2024 will build on this, using the results of previous work and focusing on POLICY. The conference will take place on 27 and 28 June 2024 in Erfurt, Germany.