Keynote by Likarion Wainaina

Kenyan director Likarion Wainaina talked about the cultural and social potential of children’s films. His Kenyan-German children’s film SUPA MODO received a special mention at the Berlinale Generation 2018 and was the Kenyan contribution to the Oscar® in 2019. He particularly emphasized that film makers have a special responsibility both to the young audience and to cinema culture. “It’s not only our job to build up the industry but to lay a foundation for the next generation that will define what cinema will be all about.”

Keynote by Katriel Schory

Katriel Schory, former CEO of the Israel Film Fund, gave a deep insight into what it means to build a film culture against all odds. In his 21 years as CEO of the Israel Film Fund he initiated different schemes to support the film culture in Israel also putting a special focus on content for the young audience. “Film and policy makers as well as funds have a responsibility towards the young audience and should take this responsibility very seriously.”