The Opening Industry Day 2012

KIDS Regio meeting point and B2C workshop of marketing distribution strategies for live action films during Buff:ff Financing Forum

14. March 2012 | Malmö

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KIDS Regio meeting point is a highly profiled B2C (business to consumer) workshop during the well-known BUFF:ff Financing Forum in Malmö. Designed for audiovisual professionals, the workshop covers cross- and transmedia marketing & distribution trends, strategies and consumer research for childrens films. Top level marketing specialists will share their expertise with you in a Keynote session. Participants discussed their projects with industry profesionals. They meet in small groups to explore cross media and transmedia opportunities, as well as the potential of social media channels for a better marketing. Exclusive one-to-one meetings helped to flesh out ideas on designing a new business model for projects.


Christopher Sandberg (United Kingdom), about Crossmedia / transmedia / social media – definitions, trends and creations

Maurice Wheeler (United Kingdom), about Digital marketing to kids – research and case studies

Mathias Noschis (Finland), about Crossmedia marketing for KIDS – tools that can be used for children’s film

Presented by Nicoletta Iacobacci

B2C workshop
The Workshop was targeted at European independent national and international distributors, producers and sales agents of children films