Cannes 2016

MEDIA Showcase – Wake up with Media during the Cannes International Film Festival

16. May 2016 | Creative Europe Media’s Pavillon, Village International, Riviera

Connecting to Young Audiences

Knowing your audience is key to better connect with them. Join Viola Gabrielli  (KIDS Regio, Germany) and Carlotta Calori  (indigo film, Italy) to discuss the profile of children’s films in Europe as well as methods of how to better reach out to its audience that wants to be taken seriously.

The MEDIA Showcase sheds light on KIDS Regio, an initiative that is active to building up competencies and strengthens networks for the children’s media industry in order to improve the profile, circulation, diversity and access of children’s films in Europe. KIDS Regio as a sub group of Cine Regio is imbedded as a project within the German Children’s Media Foundation Golden Sparrow. The best practice example of the Italian awarded production THE INVISIBLE BOY (2014), directed by Gabriele Salvatores, will be presented by the producer Carlotta Calori of indigo film. The well-known Italian production company has implemented successfully individual audience design methods already during their creating process. Benefited of MEDIA development and sales agent support the film has also won the EFA Young Audience Award 2015 voted by a young audience of 25 European countries.


Dag Asbjørnsen (Creative Europe Media)

Viola Gabrielli (Germany), KIDS Regio, Project Manager

Carlotta Calori (Italy) Founder of indigo film, Producer of THE INVISIBLE BOY

Followed by discussion, presented by Silvia Sandrone (Creative Europe Media Desk Torino)