Rome 2016

MIA Young Audience Spotlight: The Nordic View

Organised by MIA in cooperation with KIDS Regio and the Financing Forum for Kids Content and with further support of Creative Europe Media Desk Italy & Sweden

23 October 2016 | Rome

Networks are keys to success particularly while developing, producing and distributing children’s films within a difficult market environment. The MIA Young Audience Spotlight presentes inspiring new international children’s film projects in development. Furthermore the sessions focussed on special bonds and initiatives that have made the difference to foster these projects and make them feasible.

Key questions:

Why do we need good children’s film stories told from the young audience eye level?
How do we develop good projects for children?
How does collaboration and special frameworks/initiatives influence the development of the projects?
How do these the projects address the market and the audience?


Talk 1: Building a Rockband

Special national / international incentive structures for kids films

Viola Gabrielli  (Germany), Project Manager of KIDS Regio and Annette Brejner (Sweden), Creative Director of The Financing Forum for Kids Content on the impact of collaboration


Philipp Budweg  (Germany), CEO and producer of Lieblingsfilm GmbH presented a very first look on his recent produced German-Italian Co-Production ALPENBRENNEN (working title) and shared his experiences with development initiatives like “Outstanding Films for Children”.

Nicholas Sando  (Norway), producer of Filmbin AS, illustrated development steps as well as present first moods of his road movie LOS BANDO IMMORTALE, developed within the framework of the Norwegian Film Institute initiative Lab Junior.

Froukje Tan  (The Netherlands), writer and film director talked about the development of her project KUNG FU LION, a project realised within the framework of the Dutch-German Co-Development Fund.

Diana Mikita  (Estonia), producer of Nafta Filmproduction, portrayed important development and production steps as well as significant cooperation of her family adventure SECRET SOCIETY OF SOUPTOWN, presented at The Financing Forum for Kids Content 2015 and screened at many international children’s film festivals

Carlotta Calori (Italy), founder and producer of indigo film spoke about the development steps of her superhero genre film THE INVISIBLE BOY (winner of the European Young Audience Film Award 2015) directed by Gabriele Salvatores, prospects of part 2 as well as potential incentives and important collaboration that made her production feasible in Italy.

Presented by Viola Gabrielli

Talk 2: Winning Concept – Four European ORIGINAL co-productions in the making for kids


Anna Knochenhauer  (Sweden), producer of Nice Drama, introduced the Science Fiction drama ALONE IN SPACE and emphasize on important development and production steps.

Elli Toivoniemi  (Finland), producer and founder of Tuffi Films, gave us an insight view on her recent production steps of her unusual documentary HOBBYHORSE REVOLUTION.

Kai Nordberg(Finland), producer of Making Movies Oy, presented the production steps of his touching drama LITTLE WING, directed by Oscar-nominated Finish filmmaker Selma Vilhunen.

Sigrid Klausmann (Germany), director of the Schneegans Productions NOT WITHOUT US introduced this extraordinary multimedia documentary project.

Presented by Annette Brejner