KIDS Regio Berlinale Meeting Point: The long tail – Children’s films beyond linear Cinema, TV and DVD – Additional business models and their share of revenues

In cooperation with Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg and The Financing Forum for Kids Content, Malmö

7. February 2015 I Venue: The Representation of the Federal Region Thuringia, Berlin

Feature films for children still enjoy a huge popularity among the young audience; they raise more audience and travel better than European films for an adult audience. However, for the new generation cinema presents only one of many platforms to watch films. And children’s films tend to have a long tale. The Berlinale Meeting Point in 2015 introduced additional business models with representatives of a European VoD platform, a digital aggregator and a new example of educational screening in schools.


Karin Haager & Uli Müller-Uri (Austria), CEO’s of the Austrian VoD platform Flimmit explained their business model and the role children’s film play for them.

Dragoslav Zachariev (France), International Relation Manager of UniverCiné and General Secretary of EuroVod, France, shared his knowhow as digital aggregator on how to navigate in a diversified market and how to network and engage successfully with global players.

Juliette Jansen (The Netherlands), Project Manager of a new European Children’s film Catalogue for educational screenings curated by Cinekid (The Netherlands), gave us an update on how the films have been chosen and what challenges she faced regarding rights issues for several European territories and languages.

Presented by:

Marcel Lenz (Germany), CEO Ostlicht Filmproduktion GmbH