The Opening Industry Day 2015

THE LONG TAIL: Children’s Films and its Success Models – Perspectives between Commercial and Cultural efforts

In cooperation with KIDS Regio and the Swedish Film Institute
during The Financing Forum for Kids Content

10. March 2015, Malmö

When we talk about success we generally link it to attributes that are measurable as well as visible. Big marketing campaigns usually evoke visibility and often reach their audience. Within the film business success is frequently measured by the theatrical admission numbers. But is there more to success than box office? Are there more aspects to define success and how do we measure it? Are there models to increase young audience’s viewing of new foreign language films across Europe?

The Opening Industry Day of the Financing Forum for Kids Content brings together producers and distributers with the clear aim of laying the ground for innovative, high quality film and cross platform co-productions that will be successful and meet the young audience, where they watch.


Presented by Paul Tyler, Creative Consultant, Handling Ideas

Keynote 1
Branding in spite of diversity
Peter Zizka  (Germany), communication designer, branding expert and Founder of Heine/Lenz/Zizka Projekte Gmbh,  shared with us his viewpoints on whether there can be homogeneity within diversity when establishing a brand for children’s films made in Europe.

Keynote 2
Marketing – Commercial production & distribution
Germar Tetzlaff  (Germany), Head of Marketing, Local Productions and Acquisitions, Twentieth Century Fox of Germany GmbH, will present his parameters to distribute a film for children successfully in the example of the German success THE PASTA DETECTIVES.

Keynote 3
Marketing – Art-house production
Alise Gelze  (Latvia), Founder and Producer of Tasse Film, will share with us the success secrets of her small budgeted film MOTHER,I LOVE YOU and what this success signifies for her production/project.

Insights and WIPPresentation:
Successful Marketing Strategies in Sweden
Feature film commissioner Magdalena Jangard and Kristina Börjeson, head of distribution and screening at The Swedish Film Institute, on the subject of successful launches and distribution on the Swedish market.

SIV SLEEPS ASTRAY is a live action film for children aged 4-7, based on a book by Pija Lindenbaum. Producer Petter Lindblad, Snowcloud Films, and Karin Quinn, co-founder of BABO, Barnfilmsbolaget, give a W.I.P and present their marketing strategy.
Film Distributor NonStop Entertainment, Young Sophie Bell among other titles, present their insights on the film market for teens and young adults.

Strategies for transnational success
Panel: What is the most effective way to get children to watch foreign language films?
Meet the Commissioning Editors – who walk you through their own method for translation and their view on the best model for addressing this issue. Following questions will be discussed among others: Does dubbing or subtitling enhance chances of a LONG TAIL for films for children? What should the producer know about the dubbing potential already at the point of financing or point of development? What should be incorporated during production? What can be the options for the future, like more language tracks on the dcp? Are there other possibilities derived from technology development? How do you see the future in terms of foreign language media for your audience?

Franziska Matthes M.A. 
 (Germany), Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Bauhaus Research School
Beate Biermann  (Germany), Commissioning Editor MDR
Vicky Schroderus  (Finland), Acquisition Executive, YLE
Nia Ceidiog  (United Kingdom), Producer Ceidiog productions
Nadine Pellet-Zwick  (France), Commissioning Editor ARTE GEIE

Case study: Voyage of Millan
Agneta Bergenstråhle  (Sweden), Producer of Fundament Film, presented the successful W.I.P. OF MILLAN, pitched at The Financing Forum in 2014.

Meet the Marketing and Branding Experts 
One-on-One Marketing consultancies

Film Screening
MOTHER, I LOVE YOU, Latvia 2013, director: Janis Nords, producer: Alise Gelze, Tasse Film
MOTHER, I LOVE YOU premiered in BERLINALE GENERATION KPLUS in 2013 and received International Jury Prize for The Best Feature. Till now the film has received over 15 international prizes in film festivals all over the world including Malmö Stads award of 100.000 SEK for the best children’s film at BUFF Filmfestival 2014.