Keeping up with Children as an Audience

Research Project for the KIDS Regio Forum 2024

Welcome to our ground-breaking research project “Keeping up with Children as an Audience”. This collaborative initiative, led by KIDS Regio and Will&Agency, aims to re-examine the children’s film landscape in Europe through the eyes of young audiences. Through a comprehensive cross-country study, we aim to gain deep insights into the world of children’s cinema and use this knowledge to shape the future of European filmmaking.

“Keeping up with Children as an Audience” is a first-of-its-kind pan-European study focusing on children’s understanding, experience and definition of children’s films. Our aim is to strengthen the understanding of the contemporary pan-European children’s and family film landscape. By involving children aged 7-11 from different countries, we aim to tap into their unique perspectives and explore the significant role of film, cinema and fictional characters in their lives.

Our qualitative research is carried out by, a Danish company specialising in audience research and audience building. Together we have formed cultural clusters across Europe, with one country representing each cluster. This comprehensive approach allows us to credibly cover a European framework and provide a comprehensive understanding of children’s films and the challenges of crossing cultural borders.

The results of this study will fill a long-standing gap in our understanding: What truly constitutes a European children’s film, and how can it effectively cross borders in an era of diverse cultural socialisation? By analysing the qualitative data collected from the participating children, we will gain valuable insights into their preferences, expectations and interpretations of children’s films.

The research findings will be used in a number of ways to drive positive change within the film industry. Filmmakers will gain a deeper understanding of the expectations of pan-European audiences, enabling them to create more engaging and impactful content. In addition, KIDS Regio will use the results of the study to advocate for the development of policies and initiatives that support the growth of children’s films in Europe. Ultimately, this research project will foster closer connections between filmmakers and their young audiences, leading to the creation of more culturally diverse and globally resonant children’s films.