Data & Research

Collection, Provision and Information Exchange

Following the results of the 3rd KIDS Regio Forum 2019 a study on numbers, challenges and questions about European Children’s Film is now available. The study was commissioned by KIDS Regio and executed by Dr. Steffi Ebert. The lobby initiative and Dr. Ebert have been cooperating for several years on the collection of data on European Children’s Film.
The study provides an in-depth look at the production and performance of European Children’s Film. The collected data shows amongst other things that the production growth in children’s film production is smaller in comparison to the overall European production growth. Although, children’s films only make up around 6 % of all European productions, they account for 10.7 % of all admissions. This is however due to the achievement of animated films. Live action films show lower growth in production and reach a smaller audience. 

The study is the first action following the 5-point agenda of the Weimar Declaration which was passed by 80 experts from 24 countries at the 3rd KIDS Regio Forum 2019 in Weimar. Tackling the first point of the agenda “extend and improve research and data”, KIDS Regio intensifies contact with researchers and now includes a collection of studies on the topic on its homepage.


Dr. Steffi Ebert: European Children's Films. Numbers, Challenges and Questions