Harro van Staverden

Harro van Staverden started his career as a producer in 1995 with a strong focus on youth and family content. His early portfolio comprises a range of nonfiction children programs like studioformats, talkshows, gameshows and live events at Bijker Film & TV. In 2008 Harro van Staverden expanded his portfolio with drama both feature and series.

In 2015 Harro van Staverden continued his career at Phanta Basta!, part of Phanta Vision.

The career of Harro van Staverden contains successes like the TV series TEN TOWERS DEEP and features like COOL KIDS DON’T CRY, SECRETS OF WAR and CODE M. COOL KIDS DON’T CRY and SECRETS OF WAR have been awarded globally. In addition, a remake of COOL KIDS DON’T CRY was released in Norway called KICK IT!. Similar ambitions are set for the international historical feature STORM LETTER OF FIRE situated in the 16th century.

Participated in:

  • Berlinale Meeting Point 2017
  • KIDS Regio Forum 2014

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