Paul Tyler

Creative Consultant, HANDLING IDEAS, Denmark Paul Tyler founded HANDLING IDEAS out of a 25-year career spanning television, digital media and theatre. Paul enables individuals and teams creating stories, formats, products, services and campaigns to make decisions. He combines an intensive interview and mapping technique to reveal the needs, wants, motives, goals, assumptions and conflicts that can make or break a project. From mapping organizational structures and customer life cycles to business modelling and plotting character journeys, he can ensure that a project team is immediately aligned whilst reducing the time it takes to make the decisions that move them forward. In the past 3 years he’s worked in 20 countries and on over 400 projects. Nominated for a BAFTA (2005), BBC Creativity Award (2004) and Association of Online Publishers award (2005), Paul went on to win the Prix Jeunesse (2006) web award for originating, studio directing and producing the BBC’s flagship cross-media show BAMZOOKi. He co-set-up the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology’s e-Concept Development graduate programme in 2010. In 2012 Paul Tyler set-up Handling Ideas to provide story consultancy for production companies and workshops around the world. He brings years of experience developing & producing concepts, strategies & projects within the cultural, public & corporate sectors including 4 years working in theatre production and touring, and 12 years at the BBC where he became a TV producer and studio gallery director. Paul has developed a highly analytical, creative & often humorous approach to reveal the complex ecosystems in which we work, rest and play.

He originates from London and lives and works out of Copenhagen.

Participated in:

  • Opening Industry Day 2013
  • Opening Industry Day 2016
  • Opening Industry Day 2015
  • Vision Kino Kongress 2020