Martin Richter

Martin Richter is managing partner of the Martin Richter Filmproduktion. He is one of the two winners of the initiative “Outstanding Children’s Film” with his project AUF AUGENHÖHE (int. title “At eye level”) which he has produced in 2015. Martin is a member of the German Film Academy and has been honoured with the Bavarian Producers award VGF for his film WAFFENSTILLSTAND (ceasefire).

An assortment of his movies:

  • 2015: “Radio Homeland”
    Company: Westside Filmproduktion
    Script/Director: Matthias Kutschmann
    Distributor: Concorde
  • 2015: “At eye level”
    In Coproduktion with Rat Pack Filmproduktion, Westside Filmproduktion, ZDF and KiKa
    Script/Director: Joachim Dollhopf/Evi Goldbrunner
    Distributor: TOBIS
  • 2013/2014: “Wir are the new one”
    In Coproduktion with Ralf Westhoff
    Filmproduktion, Bayerischen Rundfunk and Degeto
    Script/Director: Ralf Westhoff
    Distributor: X-Verleih
  • 2012: “Bible of blood”
    Compnay: TNF Telenormfilm
    TV Movie: Sat.1
    Director: Kai Mayer Ricks
  • 2011: “A hot number”
    Company: TNF Telenormfilm
    Director: Markus Goller
    Distrubutor: Universum Film
  • 2008/2009: “Ceasfire”
    In Coproduktion with ZDF
    Script/Director: Lancelot von Naso
    Distributor: 3L- Filmverleih
  • 2007: “SHOPPEN”
    In Coproduktion with Ralf Westhoff Filmproduktion and Bayerischen Rundfunk
    Script/Director: Ralf Westhoff

Participated in:

  • Berlinale Meeting Point 2016