Nienke Poelsma

Jolanta Pisarek is a cognitive psychologist with a MA degree in Psychology awarded by the Catholic University of Lublin (Poland). Since November 2010 she has been working as a researcher in the Educational Research Institute where she conducts research concerning school effectiveness. She is a creator of workshops using movies and new technologies to support children in their development and teachers in their work. Her main interests are: neuroscience, media education and information literacy.

What does your company do?
Generator Foundation was founded in 2008 and since then it has pursued the mission of popularising film as a tool of psycho-education, upbringing and therapy. To date it has realised numerous events for kids and adults.
It maintains two websites:
www.kinoterapia.pl and www.projekcje.edu.pl.

What do you do in this company?
I help to prepare our educational projects and consult their content, e.g. Suspected Brain Project, which popularised neuroscience via film and meetings with scientists. I train teachers who want to use movies in their educational work.How do you see the future of live action feature films for children?We will continue to use them in our workshops for kids, as well as describe them on our website for parents – www.projekcje.edu.pl from the perspective of their educational potential.

Participated in:

  • KIDS Regio Forum 2019

The Netherlands