Kai Nordberg

Kai Nordberg is the co-owner and CEO at Making Movies Oy in Helsinki since 1996. He has produced and directed documentaries as well as shortfilms. As a producer her developed feature films such as THE FENCER (2015), TSAMO (2015), THE PRINCESS OF EGYPT (2013), RAT KING (2012), BLACK ICE (2008) and HOMESICK (2005). In 1989 he moved from his birth town Helsinki to West Berlin where he studied film and journalism at the Freie Universität Berlin. It’s where he developed his ambition for cinema and started to direct his own films.



  • Feature THE FENCER 99min 2015
  • Feature TSAMO 90min 2015
  • Documentary LOVE & ENGINEERING 76min 2014
  • Short film OMERTA 16min 2014
  • Feature THE PRICESS OF EGYPT 89min 2013
  • Short film ON YOUR LIPS 8min 2013
  • Fiction ALL HOLLOWS WEEK 26min 2012
  • Feature RAT KING 90min 2012
  • TV drama THE BEGINNING OF THE END 110min 2010
  • Fiction THE BIG AND BEAUTIFUL 18min 2009
  • Fiction GIRLS NIGHT 27min2008
  • Feature BLACK ICE 99min 2007
  • Fiction PIETÀ 60min 2007
  • Feature HOMESICK 85min2005
  • Short film WATERCOLOURS 12min 2005
  • Documentary CHILD IN TIME 37min 2005
  • Documentary series FINNISH AMATEUR THEATRES 3x30min 2003

Participated in:

  • MIA Young Audience Spotlight Rome 2016