Geoffrey Lillemon

Geoffrey Lillemon and Anita Fontaine are cult collaborators that spin fanciful new expressions in the grand Metaverse. Marrying technical innovation with film, gaming, fashion and a romantic hyper-real sensibility, their work has helped redefine the aesthetics of the digital pop culture landscape. They co-founded digital agency Champagne Valentine, using animation experiments to play with visual logic, internet culture and trash subculture as a basis for creating sensory art experiences for brands. Since then they have created backdrops for pop mega-stars, fashion films for lux fashion houses, lived in silicon Valley, started VFX companies and exhibited VR games in museums; continuing to alternate their technical approach like chameleons. They currently work at W+K Amsterdam as creative directors of the Department of New Realities which focuses on gaming, VR and experiential installations.

Participated in:

  • Opening Industry Day 2018

The Netherlands