Maxime Lacour

Maxime Lacour is the managing director of UniversCiné Belgium and treasurer of EuroVoD. He has gained various experiences world wide as production manager and assistant director, and has worked for several film distribution companies in the Benelux region as sales and marketing manager. With a large knowledge of the network of the Belgian and European film industry, he has also coordinated the activities of a producers union in Belgium.

What does your company do? 
UniversCiné Belgium is a VoD rights aggregator, publisher and distributor, operating mainly in the Benelux region and is associated to LMC/UniversCiné France and Metropolitan Film Export. We exploit and distribute a catalogue of about 4500 films. We’re also a founding member of EuroVoD, the European Federation of Cinema in VoD.

What do you do in this company?
I coordinate all activities in the field of acquisition, distribution to third part VoD operators, industry networking and partnerships, development of the activities of the company in the licensing and marketing field.

How do you see the future of live action feature films for children?
We always worked closely with distributors and producers on their catalogue of films for children. It becomes urgent regarding the expansion of the VoD and OTT services in Europe to organise more and more the development of specific platforms and/or editorialized brands focusing on the specificities of young audiences and education by and through cinema.

Participated in:

  • KIDS Regio Forum 2014