Anna Knochenhauer

Stockholm born Anna Knochenhauer currently works as a freelancer mostly as a producer or post producer for other production companies like Nice Drama with productions such as the science fiction drama for kids ALONE IN SPACE, the FLX feature film THE 101-YEAR –OLD MAN WHO SKIPPED OUT ON THE BILL AND DISAPPEARED, the B-reel feature EUPHORIA (Written & directed by Lisa Langseth), TV4-series BOAY MACHINE, the TV4/NBC TV-series WELCOME TO SWEDEN and feature films THE GIANT (Johannes Nyholm). Anna has runs her own production company Knochen Produktion AB in 2006 and has developed a number of drama projects with a few different writers/directors, with a strong aim to create transmedia projects around the tv series or features when it fits the story worlds. In 2014, Anna was one of two producers and responsible for post production on the feature film YOUNG SOPHIE BELL, directed by Amanda Adolfsson at Breidablick Film Production. This art house, coming of age drama opened the Stockholm Film Festival in November 2014 and was released domestically in February 2015. In 2013, she mostly worked together with Felix Herngren’s box office hit THE HUNDRED-YEAR-OLD MAN WHO CLIMBED OUT THE WINDOW AND DISAPPEARED, Måns Mårlind’s & Björn Steins’s feature SHED NO TEARS and consulted as post production supervisor on Norwegian feature KICK IT. Prior to this, Anna has associate produced at internationally successful production company Memfis Film from 1999 to 2005, working closely with Lars Jönsson and Anna Anthony. In 2003, Anna worked at Sonet Film Distribution for some time. There, she worked closely with Peter Possne and was in charge of arranging press screenings/junkets, press material and the gala screenings for four feature films. Apart from her job at Memfis Film, Anna has worked at Moviola Film & Television, Swedish Television Drama, Bob Film and Svensk Filmindustri. Anna has also produced shorts and music videos within her own company, among them the award-winning short films RABBIT and TO KILL A CHILD.

Participated in:

  • MIA Young Audience Spotlight Rome 2016