Nicole Kellerhals

since Mai 1997 Nicole is working as a dramatic advisor for X-Filme Creative Pool GmbH, developing projects a.o. of Dani Levy GO FOR ZUCKER, Tom Tykwer HOLOGRAM FOR A KING, CLOUD ATLAS, RUN LOLA RUN, Wolfgang Becker ME AND KAMINSKI, GOODBYE LENIN, Michael Haneke THE WHITE RIBBON, AMOUR. She also worked as Script Consultant for Filmhaus Babelsberg, Hamburg Media School, Nipkow Program, Focal Suisse and Berlinale Residency. Since 2005 she is also focusing on children’s films and worked on several adaptions of children’s books like MAX MINSKY AND I, THE ROBBERS (Tomi Ungerer), HANNI & NANNI and ALFONS ZITTERBACKE. From 2001-2006 she was a jury member of the Film Peace Award at the BERLINALE. From 2006-2011 she worked as mentor at Germany’s Academy for Children’s Films for the Feature Film Group. Since 2010 she is a board member of the Association for the Promotion of Germans Children’s Film. From 1993 – 1996 she worked as commissioning editor for the public broadcaster MDR at the department Film and TV. Born 1964 in Berlin, Nicole studied German, French and Italian Literature and History of Ar

Participated in:

  • Opening Industry Day 2016