Ewa Karlström

Ewa Karlström is founder of SamFilm. Her student film MAKIN UP! (directed by Katja von Garnier) became a surprise hit in 1993 reaching over 1,2 mio adm. in German cinemas. Since then, she (co-)produced popular feature films for adults like BANDITS or LOVE SCENES FROM PLANET EARTH as well as hits for children like THE WILD SOCCER BUNCH, A CHRISTMOOSE CAROL, or THE FAMOUS FIVE. Recently, her production WINDSTORM was honored with a German Film Award.

What does your company do?
SamFilm is one of the most successful film production companies in Germany. We have produced mainly feature films which altogether have grossed over $100 mio at the German Box-Office and have been seen by over 18 mio spectators in German cinemas alone. Targeting a broad market does not always come at the expense of quality. SamFilm productions have earned many awards and was nominated, e.g. for 2 Oscars and the European Young Audience Award.

What do you do in your company?
Together with Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton, I develop and produce mainly feature films. The focus has been on family entertainment and children´s films but we are developing and producing other genres like romantic comedies and dramas as well.

How do you see the future of live action feature films for children?
We’re enthusiastic about producing live action family entertainment and children´s films. As long as possible, we would like to keep on doing so.

Participated in:

  • KIDS Regio Forum 2014