Eva Jakobsen

Eva Jakobsen is a producer at Nimbus Film since 2008. She produced several shorts and was involved in such films as VALHALLA RISING and THE AMBASSADOR before producing her first feature film ANTBOY in 2012. Before that she worked at Zentropa from 2004-2007. Eva graduated in Film and Media Media from the University of Copenhagen.

What does your company do? 
Nimbus Film is one of the largest independent film production companys in Denmark and has produced more than 50 feature films and a host of award winning shorts.
We were a major player in the Danish DOGMA-movement with films such as THE CELEBRATION by Thomas Vinterberg (winner of the Jury Prize in Cannes in ’98) and MIFUNE by Søren Kragh-Jacobsen (winner of the Silver Bear Award in Berlin in ´99) and created box office and critical successes in the last ten years with films such as THE KING’S GAME by Nikolaj Arcel and FLAME & CITRON by Ole Christian Madsen. Nimbus has been nominated for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and earlier this year a BAFTA for their very first tv-drama-series THE BRIDGE created by Hans Rosenfeldt and Charlotte Sieling.

What do you do in this company? 
I am currently working on the Danish-German co-production ANTBOY II and am developing new projects with such emerging talents as Ask Hasselbalch, Katrin Gebbe as well as co-directors Jonas Arnby and Rasmus Birch. I have a fondness for fresh ideas and debut feature projects.

How do you see the future of live action feature films for children? 
We have a strong tradition of creating relatable, universal stories for kids and youth with an original angle and approach. We firmly believe that a strong story is at the core of every film and therefore we do not shy away from any genre nor label ourselves with a narrow focus or target group. Our portfolio includes features, shorts and TV series.
Live action has been the priority at Nimbus Film, but we are always eager to break new ground and are thus looking at a couple of animation projects as well.
Future projects for children and youth include the ANTBOY Trilogy (sequel in post production, the 3rd and final film in development), an adaption of Kenneth Bøgh Andersen´s successful book series: THE DEVIL’S APPRENTICE (animation), and a coming of age love story set at the famous border school of Herlufsholm.

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  • KIDS Regio Forum 2014