Martin Brandt-Pedersen

Martin Brandt-Pedersen works as a consultant in the field of film education at the Danish Film Institute (DFI) since 2002. He has a background as a school teacher and Exam. Ped. in Educational Media from the Danish Pedagogical University. From 2001 to 2007 he was appointed as a film censor in the Media Council for Children and Youth. He has written a number of articles on film and media education, and has been the editor of the anthology “The Aesthetic Challenge of Media” and co-editor of the anthology “Learning with Moving Images”.

What does your institution do?
The Film Culture & Education/Children & Youth department at the DFI is responsible for a range of activities in the field of film education. The possibility for children to experience, understand, and create films is central to the DFI strategy. We provide e.g. FILMCENTRALEN – online streaming of films to Danish schools, MED SKOLEN I BIOGRAFEN as a regional school cinema scheme that covers 80% of Denmark, and FILM-X – a computer-based, interactive film studio for children in Copenhagen.

What do you do in this institution?
I’m working as a consultant in the field of film education and I‘m the project manager for FILMCENTRALEN. My main focus is to explore and evolve the use of film in learning processes of all kind in Danish schools from primary to high school.

Participated in:

  • KIDS Regio Forum 2014