Wendy Bernfeld

Wendy Bernfeld, MD of Rights Stuff, is a passionate film buff specialized in content acquisition/distribution,& related international strategy/deal advice, for  traditional media (film, TV, Pay TV), digital new media (Internet, IPTV, VOD, mobile/tablets, OTT/connected devices, consumer electronics,) and cross-platform/transmedia production and distribution. Rights Stuff consulting, helps maximize filmmaker opportunities and revenues across multiple windows and platforms, balancing traditional and new(digital)media. We source, curate and license content for VOD and other digital channels, and help producers/distributors/sales agents/festivals who want to sell to, or produce for such platforms and to tap into other alternatives for licensing and funding their films. We further assist with original ‘made for web/mobile’, cross platform and/or ‘transmedia’ programming. Wendy is also active on various festival/industry advisory boards (e.g. IDFA, Binger Film Institute, Seize the Night Outdoor FilmFest, FilmCollaborative, etc.). See for eg. her recent Sundance article on international digital distribution at www.sundance.org/artistservices/distribution/article/brave-new-world-digital-distribution-beyond-the-old-world. As to prior background,  Originally from Montreal, Canada, then in Europe since ’91, Wendy first  devoted 15+ years as in-house movie buyer/senior exec in traditional pay tv, vod, & distribution (including CEO Canal+Internat’l Acquisitions, MD Alliance-Atlantis, SVP Acquisitions Movie Network(Canada), before founding Rights Stuff consulting  in ’99. (Earlier still she was an entertainment lawyer and Supreme Court law clerk.)

Participated in:

  • Opening Industry Day 2013