Agneta Bergenstråhle

Agneta Bergenstråhle is producer at Fundament Film, where she has worked with the popular and award winning TV-series 30 DEGREES IN FEBRUARY and a couple of TV-series for UR, an educational channel. Before, she has worked at the Swedish Film Institute, Swedish Television Drama and as a producer at SVTs Children and Youth Department. Agneta has collaborated with a variety of directors, for example Bille August, Andrei Tarkowskij, and Kjell Sundvall. Together with the director Rumle Hammerich she produced the acclaimed CAN YOU WHISTLE JOHANNA. Fundament Film produced the feature film ECCOS FROM THE DEATH, directed by Daniel Alfredson, the TV-series  30 DEGREES IN FEBRUARY for SVT and THE BANKROBBERY and THE MATH MURDER for UR, among others. Agneta is in pre-production with Suzanne Osten’s feature for children THE GIRL, THE MOTHER and THE DEMONS and developing MILLAN and THE BRAVERY CLUB – a feature and a TV series for children and families, written by Ulf Stark and Joachim Bergenstråhle.

Participated in:

  • Opening Industry Day 2015